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An adventure spanning over 15 years in the industry. My passion for magazines and books is what got me started, but my curiosity led the way through almost all the main streams linked to social communication and design.Below you can check a few of my favourite projects, grouped by skills:

Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts :: Certificate Headers

Billy Blue School A series of typographic study for the official certificate and diploma offered to student due completion of their course. VIEW PROJECT

Tarkett Tarkospec :: designer tool

Refining a tool Managing various products and variants in a logical and practical way, this website is a tool for interior designers, architects and professionals from the building industry to find and download resources for their projects. The previous version was a great start, with this version, the goal was to make it more visual […] VIEW PROJECT

NYADC :: typography that shines

When ADC awards came to town… Billy Blue was chosen as host for the event, and fluoro was all we could thing about. And typography. And the cubic trophy, of course. Here:             VIEW PROJECT

PristiQ :: Mother’s world :: Photo composition

Painting with pixels Beautiful concept for print ad, too complex for 3D, demanding photorealist retouching. [metaslider id=”1775″]     VIEW PROJECT

Big Day Out :: Save (for) the day

College days… Beans on toast and tomato sauce for, well, that’s all left after paying for the tickets. Bloody worth it!   VIEW PROJECT

Vintage travel poster :: Amazon

The largest river in flow volume By boat. In the afternoon. With no mosquitoes.   VIEW PROJECT

Pantera Press

Pantera Press stands for great storytelling. From championing community literacy to launching incredible unsigned Australian talent, Pantera are committed to helping give the next generation of authors a voice. A dynamic brand identity was developed to convey this sense of storytelling; larger than life and highly engaging it sells both novel and its publisher, a […] VIEW PROJECT

Newcastle Museum :: Art for arts

What comes first: identity or culture? Pitch work for Newcastle Museum rebrand. Mostly based on the profile of large buildings, extensively used on a not so distant past when Newcastle was one of the main maritime gates for the flow goods coming into and going out from Australia.   VIEW PROJECT

Wood craft :: graphite on paper

Pinochio Magazine cover illustration for Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts. VIEW PROJECT

Listerine :: Furry not

Really hairy issue… Only solved with good typography and a healthy dose of Listerine.     Produced while at Red Ape, for the folks from Momentum. Team: Serge Medina Anna Krolikwska Alex Francisco Anastazja Fastier Jeremy Bondoc Dean Kilby Peter Flynn     VIEW PROJECT

Wartie :: Training with new technology

Using d!NK for internal training and sales aid. d!NK is a platform for building interactive presentations, based on commonly used software (Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Adobe Acrobat) but pushing further features, such direct link to logistic management centre for registering and managing orders and stock.   [FinalTilesGallery id=’1′]     VIEW PROJECT


[in] is a magazine The magazine masthead [in] would be completed by the remaining of the word to introduce the theme of each edition: Issue 01.1 – [in]sight: psychology of creativity; Issue 01.2 – [in]tercourse: human behaviour and subconscious; Issue 01.03 – [in]tuition: why listen to that gut feeling; and Issue 01.4 – [in]nate: human […] VIEW PROJECT

Qantas In Sky Shopping :: Duty free catalogue

Designing for sky high couture Every 3 months a new catalogue, produced, from cover shooting to product listings, this project demanded some serious process. Dealing with top international brands, from Chanel to Puma to Diageo and Swarovski, each with their own set of brand guidelines and all sort of requests and restraints. We employed a […] VIEW PROJECT

Nana Dairy

Nana Dairy Brazilian Cuisine Start up frozen meal company, with a Brazilian traditional dishes menu. In Brazil we say ‘there’s nothing like grandma’s food’, and the logo depicts that sweet lady that always insists on us taking another serve… Never thought I’d say this but Nana’s logo is super cute. There. I said it. VIEW PROJECT

Amazoonia :: Learning fun mApp

Amazoonia is a special homage to my beautiful Brazil and its richest riches, the Amazon forest. Through the exploration of this open zoo and by watching its inhabitants, kids will learn about the amazing fauna and flora by interacting with cute and witty animals, and their companion plants. Animal and plant names presented in both […] VIEW PROJECT

Cadbury :: hairy as

An Australian icon goes hairy Spidey like, this concept was a real challenge. Gotta make it scary but not disgusting, funny and memorable. Publicis Mojo (Melbourne)     VIEW PROJECT

Red Ape :: illustration is no monkey business

Going bananas Red Ape is an illustration parlour that works as an independent agency as well as a supplier to other bigger, nope, biggerer, agencies. While working at Red Ape, I watched our illustrators, specially Serge (read ape master), sit pencil in hand with some of these guys you follow on LinkedIn, and put on […] VIEW PROJECT

Hungry Tees :: It’s trendy to do good

Brainchild of huge success that was LoveJam Music Festival in Bondi 2005 and 2007,  we (Serena Star-Leonard, Johana Te Momo, and myself) launched a sweet as label because we wanted to join three of our favourite subjects: music, social change and design. Hungry Tees was born and the first batch was styled for reggae ‘n […] VIEW PROJECT

Hamilton Sunscreen :: website and promotion

Hamilton is an Australian icon we all recognise While the creative team finished up the new look and feel for packaging and point-of-sale, the digital team (me included) took on the website for a spin. Same structure to be used for both Hamilton Sunscreen and Hamilton Skin care.     VIEW PROJECT