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A good example of integrated project, this real estate company would have an extensive suite of assets designed for each new development…

Brand – name, tagline, logotype.Brand guideline – colour palette, supporting graphics, typography.Photography – photography guidelines, shooting on site and lifestyle.Comprehensive brochures.Feature (finishing) brochures, with samples of decoration material.Construction site hoarding and site signage.Indoor display panels for pre-sale inspection suite.Video for screen inside pre-sale inspection suite and website.Interactive on screen presentation for browsing floor plans, lot plans, and other features.Website – SEO furnished, device agnostic and suitable for translation into Asian languages, specially Chinese.Landing pages plus its suite of online banners and emails.Email campaign – templates as well as content for a few different platforms, including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Australand’s own CMS/inbound environment.Direct marketing – special packages sent by mail to premium personas.Printed advertising – newspapers and magazines (also in Chinese)Online advertising – started as Flash, slowly moving into HTML, programmatic and retargeting.Outdoor advertising – bus shelters, billboards.New media – shopping centres talkers, airpot screens, eBrochures.

HOW :: The process
Research. Define. Design. Build. Iterate. Refine. Repeat.

While working in a large, integrated team at AMBA Communications, I was mostly focused on the digital products, but, thanks to my previous experience in traditional media, I got to work on pretty much every one of these project assets, from brainstorming names to designing print ads. From online banners to email templates.And then, websites, which I’d be accountable for the finished product, from content strategy, to user flow, to interface and style guide. Then on to working prototype. Finally handing over and liaising with the developers team (sometimes offshore) and occasionally jumping in and tweaking a few lines of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.In some of the projects, I’d also plan and help writing the manual for the dedicated Australand team to update dynamic ads on both the DoubleClick/Google platform and Sizmek (former MediaMind), for details such as price adjust, units available, creating landing pages and other dynamic features according to demand.

WHAT :: The results
Good foundation…

In the period I worked for AMBA, we delivered about 10 of these projects, up to when Australand was acquired by Frasers Property. All very successful, matching or beating every sales goals the team had set.Together with the in-house media agency (2020 Media), we assisted in developing, managing and reporting on online and printed advertising campaigns. Then and there I learned first hand, the power (and complexity) of ad serving and SEO, adding to the toolbox I’ve been building towards wholistic user experience design.As for the transition, our polished process allowed for a seamless transition of systems, from Australand to Fraser Property’s, mostly only requiring some shifting and tweaking to accomodate a different CMS and managing platform for digital assets (DAM).

Sample Advertising Banners

Advertising banner :: Static (JPG)

Advertising banner :: HTML // Reload page to see animation \

AMBA Communications // Creative Team 2012-2016
Creative Director: Lyndel DonaldsonArt Director: Sio IfopoDesigner: Jason WattsDesigner: Aylin CelebiogluDesigner: Alex FranciscoFront-end Developer: Marvin Cho


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