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Nana Dairy

Nana Dairy Brazilian Cuisine Start up frozen meal company, with a Brazilian traditional dishes menu. In Brazil we say ‘there’s nothing like grandma’s food’, and the logo depicts that sweet lady that always insists on us taking another serve… Never thought I’d say this but Nana’s logo is super cute. There. I said it.

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Newcastle Museum :: Art for arts

What comes first: identity or culture? Pitch work for Newcastle Museum rebrand. Mostly based on the profile of large buildings, extensively used on a not so distant past when Newcastle was one of the main maritime gates for the flow goods coming into and going out from Australia.  

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Hungry Tees :: It’s trendy to do good

Brainchild of huge success that was LoveJam Music Festival in Bondi 2005 and 2007,  we (Serena Star-Leonard, Johana Te Momo, and myself) launched a sweet as label because we wanted to join three of our favourite subjects: music, social change and design. Hungry Tees was born and the first batch was styled for reggae ‘n […]

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