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Why design?

I am a natural-born problem solver, always striving for the most effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Analytic and creative, I feel comfortable in both realms, capable of identifying and dissecting complex systems to understand their relationships. Time then to design solutions that range from compliant to innovative, self-standing to integrated, and unique to scalable.

Curious and a lifelong learner, I enthusiastically promote digital technology and how it extends human abilities, bridging ideas to action, to change, to profit, to knowledge, to development, and, (phew!) to use.

19+ years
Adobe CC
3+ years
At Woolies X

It's not me saying...

Gareth Eden-Styche Creative Director, Writer, Producer, Creator

Alex is one of the calmest and most personable designers I have worked with. His ability to seek out problems to creative considerations is exemplary. If he doesn't know something, he will learn it and everything he does is delivered on time and with a smile. A great guy with a lovely ethic and a passion for great design. A pleasure to work with.

Gordon Wallace Data & AI specialist

I have worked with Alex as both a client and a team member, and have always been impressed by his ability to comprehend and elegantly capture the essence of the product/project in his designs. As a true professional, Alex is both friendly and patient, ensuring a great outcome even when working with difficult/pushy clients (hopefully not me!).

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