Photo Retouching

Designing with no limits. Magic, photo editing, Adobe Photoshop, drop shadow (not), pixel perfect, interface.

Cadbury :: hairy as

An Australian icon goes hairy Spidey like, this concept was a real challenge. Gotta make it scary but not disgusting, funny and memorable. Publicis Mojo (Melbourne)     VIEW PROJECT

Listerine :: Furry not

Really hairy issue… Only solved with good typography and a healthy dose of Listerine.     Produced while at Red Ape, for the folks from Momentum. Team: Serge Medina Anna Krolikwska Ale… VIEW PROJECT

PristiQ :: Mother’s world :: Photo composition

Painting with pixels Beautiful concept for print ad, too complex for 3D, demanding photorealist retouching. [metaslider id=”1775″]     VIEW PROJECT