Product. Designer. Me.

Product designer, as in identifying and analysing the user/consumer motivations through contextual empathy and matching them to the organisation’s offering and business objectives in order to develop an effective solution: the product.

The solution will be on brand and supported/supportive of the organisation’s marketing plan, therefore, consistent to any other communication action or asset.It will also be based on data – previous experiences, research, trends, etc. – as well as on creativity, allowing for edge and originality. For distinctiveness.My previous ‘life’ as a mechanic engineer for Volkswagen developed my analytical nature: observing everything from a system point of view. Even the most complex machine is made of simple parts. Recognising and understanding each part’s role is the foundation for any design project. Relationship + patterns.The more subjective, my curious and creative side is expressed through design. After pulling apart, deconstructing systems, and asking “how can we put it together again in a more effective; more beautiful; more productive and profitable way?”Substance. Innovation. Pragmatism.

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