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Walking with giants

A good example of integrated project, this real estate company would have an extensive suite of assets designed for each new development…

Brand – name, tagline, logotype.

Brand guideline – colour palette, supporting graphics, typography.

Photography – photography guidelines, shooting on site and lifestyle. Comprehensive brochures. Feature (finishing) brochures, with samples of decoration material.

Construction site hoarding and site signage. Indoor display panels for pre-sale inspection suite.

Video for screen inside pre-sale inspection suite and website. Interactive on screen presentation for browsing floor plans, lot plans, and other features. New media in shopping centres talkers, airpot screens, eBrochures.

Website – SEO furnished, device agnostic and suitable for translation into Asian languages, specially Chinese. Landing pages plus its suite of online banners and emails.

Email campaign – templates as well as content for a few different platforms, including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Australand’s own CMS/inbound environment.

Direct marketing – special packages sent by mail to premium personas.Printed advertising – newspapers and magazines (also in Chinese)Online advertising – started as Flash, slowly moving into HTML, programmatic and retargeting.

Outdoor advertising – bus shelters, billboards.

Case studies

Case study : : WD-40
Case study : : Key Pharmaceuticals

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